Frequently Asked Questions

Is my device able to access a Guest Wi-Fi network?

If your device has Wi-Fi capability that is enabled, you should be able to access a public or guest Wi-Fi network.

How do I connect to the Guest Wi-Fi Network?

All you need is a device that can connect to a wireless network and has a modern web browser installed such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. Make sure your device has the Wi-Fi enabled. Select the appropriate Wi-Fi network from the list visible on your mobile device and open your web browser or wait for the “pop-up web page” to appear.

I don’t see the guest Wi-Fi network listed on my list of available networks, why is that?
  • Ensure that you can see other wireless signals. If no other networks are visible, your wireless card or antenna may be turned off or disabled.
  • Ensure that you are physically located in an area that receives the guest Wi-Fi service.
  • Ensure that you refresh your list of available wireless networks.
  • If all these measures fail, there is either an issue with the device or the Wi-Fi network. We recommend that you contact our Datavalet Support Helpdesk at 1-800-642-3958.
I am still unable to see the guest Wi-Fi Network, what should I do?

If you are unable to see the network there may be an issue with the wireless infrastructure. We recommend that you contact Datavalet’s Support Helpdesk at 1-800-642-3958.

I am connected to the guest network, but I cannot load webpages or download any data from the internet. Why?

If you can see the network and connect to it but unable to get to the Internet, there may be an issue with the Internet service. We recommend that you contact the helpdesk support at 1-800-642-3958.

How can I make sure that my session is secured?

Guest Wi-Fi is an open connection and should not be used to access or transfer sensitive information. To ensure security, we recommend the active use of security solutions such as personal firewalls, anti-virus software, virtual private networks (VPN) and encryption. It is the user’s responsibility to evaluate their personal needs and workplace requirements and properly configure appropriate security measures based on those needs.

Why is the navigation slow when browsing the Internet?

Navigation can seem slow for several reasons such as the number simultaneous users on the network, the type of activity you are attempting to perform online and more. If you feel that the network is underperforming, please contact our Datavalet Support Helpdesk at 1-800-642-3958.

Why can’t I access certain websites?

The Internet certainly provides a wide spectrum of content. Some of which, certain clients have determined they do not wish to display within their locations. As such, some website categories may be blocked depending on where you are using the service. Please note that this system sometimes inaccurately categorizes and blocks a website. If you feel that this is the case for a particular website, please follow the instructions provided on the block page to have its categorization re-evaluated.