Is my device able to access a Guest Wi-Fi network?

If your device has Wi-Fi capability that is enabled, you should be able to access a public or guest Wi-Fi network.

How do I connect to the Guest Wi-Fi Network?

All you need is a device that can connect to a wireless network and has a modern web browser installed. Make sure your device has the Wi-Fi enabled. Select the appropriate Wi-Fi network from the list visible on your mobile device and open your web browser or wait for the “pop-up web page” to appear

I don’t see the guest Wi-Fi network listed on my list of available networks, why is that?

Ensure that you can see other wireless signals. If no other networks are visible, your wireless card or antenna may be turned off or disabled. Ensure that you are physically located in an area that receives the guest Wi-Fi service. Ensure that you refresh your list of available wireless networks. If all these measures fail, there is either an issue with the device or the Wi-Fi network. We recommend that you contact our Datavalet Support Helpdesk at 1-800-642-3958.

I am still unable to see the guest Wi-Fi Network, what should I do?

If you are unable to see the network there may be an issue with the wireless infrastructure. We recommend that you contact Datavalet’s Support Helpdesk at 1-800-642-3958.

I am connected to the guest network, but I cannot load webpages or download any data from the internet. Why?

If you can see the network and connect to it but unable to get to the Internet, there may be an issue with the Internet service. We recommend that you contact the helpdesk support at 1-800-642-3958. Click here for the easter egg!

How can I make sure that my session is secured?

Guest Wi-Fi is an open connection and should not be used to access or transfer sensitive information. To ensure security, we recommend the active use of security solutions such as personal firewalls, anti-virus software, virtual private networks (VPN) and encryption. It is the user’s responsibility to evaluate their personal needs and workplace requirements and properly configure appropriate security measures based on those needs.

Why is the navigation slow when browsing the Internet?

Navigation can seem slow for several reasons such as the number simultaneous users on the network, the type of activity you are attempting to perform online and more. If you feel that the network is underperforming, please contact our Datavalet Support Helpdesk at 1-800-642-3958.

Why can’t I access certain websites?

The Internet certainly provides a wide spectrum of content. Some of which, certain clients have determined they do not wish to display within their locations. As such, some website categories may be blocked depending on where you are using the service. Please note that this system sometimes inaccurately categorizes and blocks a website. If you feel that this is the case for a particular website, please follow the instructions provided on the block page to have its categorization re-evaluated.

Wi-Fi Glossary

Familizarize yourself with some of our most common terms!

What is a captive portal?

A captive portal is a combination of web pages that users see before they can access a Wi-Fi network. Some also call it a login or a user authentication portal. The main goal of a captive portal is to authenticate and authorize the user into your Wi-Fi network.

The most common interactions associated with captive portals are the acceptance of terms of use and privacy policy, asking for email address or other personal information in exchange for the service, or payment for a paid Wi-Fi service, in a hotel or a hospital, for example.

What is guest Wi-Fi?

Guest Wi-Fi is a WLAN solution that companies provide for their guests.

Guest Wi-Fi is not a separate internet connection, it is simply a separate entry via a distinct access point, on the same internet connection. In other words, you do not need an extra internet connection to provide a guest Wi-Fi, you only need to set it up via an additional access point.

This helps companies manage their user experience, differentiating between employees, clients, prospects, partners and guests, and providing a personalized user experience when browsing the internet.

What is a Wi-Fi access point?

Often abbreviated as AP, an access point is a networking device that broadcasts a wireless local area network (or WLAN) to provide wireless connections.

For businesses and public spaces offering Wi-Fi access to guests, clients, and employees, the number of connected devices to the wi fi hotspot can add up quickly. Access points are what makes managing a high volume of simultaneously connected devices possible, and scalable.

Depending on a number of variables such as building structure, the number of simultaneous users, the nature of Wi-Fi usage, neighbouring networks, etc., you will need to plan the wireless solution in order to deliver the best performance at the best cost.

What is WLAN?

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) is a local wireless network that usually includes different devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones, printers, faxes, etc.

Back in the days, companies used to set up a wired connection between these devices and we talked about LAN, and that improved productivity and collaboration a lot back then.

Nowadays, with the need for mobility and flexibility at the workplace, and the avenue of wireless technology, we are talking about wireless connectivity at the workplace. This means that by setting up a basic Wi-Fi infrastructure, routers, switches and access points, employees, guests, prospects, clients and partners can enjoy a wireless internet connection while moving freely through the area.

What is location-based marketing?

Location-based marketing is a direct marketing tactic that uses a mobile device's location to alert the device's owner about an offering from a nearby business. It is also a valuable approach for retailers since they can recognize the presence of a customer in-store, notify their staff and provide them with helpful client information.

This type of direct marketing is made possible thanks to location-based technologies which make it possible to locate a device within a specific geographic location and use its location data to target specific users based on current location or location history.

What is managed Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is said to be “managed” when it is outsourced to external experts who handle the day-to-day management, monitoring, maintenance and support of the Wi-Fi system and/or infrastructure.

It will include devices such as wireless controllers, wireless access points (or WAPs), switches and cabling. It may also have a specific access portal called a Captive Portal where users go through an authentication process before they are granted access to the service.

What is a Wi-Fi infrastructure?

A wireless LAN is the infrastructure required to provide Wi-Fi access to guests, employees, customers, prospects, students and partners. A Wi-Fi infrastructure may consist of all or some of the following elements:

  • Access points, repeaters, extenders
  • Controllers
  • Switches
  • Gateways
  • Cables, racks, A/C, etc.

Companies tend to outsource their wireless infrastructure management to specialists for a variety of reasons. The biggest advantages are cost reduction and freeing up the resources required to manage and support the hardware and equipment updates. In turn, the service provider manages the entirety of the IT infrastructure behind it.

What is Wi-Fi marketing?

Today, Wi-Fi is a commodity that most public spaces offer to their visitors. Besides the fact that this helps enhance the customer experience in-store, Wi-Fi marketing is the process of collecting data from users, integrating it with the company CRM and using it to support targeted communications to specific users.

Retailers can integrate data from their CRM and POS such as client name, email and last purchase details, and then target customers with specific promotions. There is an infinity of marketing possibilities once marketers get hold of data. From understanding the customer behavior in-store, to simply promoting products on the captive portals, basing marketing on data takes the guess work out of the equation.

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