Wi-Fi Access Management

From design to management, we leverage our proprietary technologies and expertise to deliver Wi-Fi experiences that cater to your specific business objectives.

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Million User Sessions Per Year


Thousand Customer Locations

Managed Wi-Fi Solutions For Leading Brands

  • Network designs that meet your exact business needs
  • Enhanced user experience for Guests, employees and clients
  • Full network real time monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Marketing through data collection and targeted communications

Captive Portal

Our professional services develop and personalize the first page users see before accessing Wi-Fi to stimulate your brand, gain user insights and generate direct revenues.

Authentication Schemes

Choose one of 7 possible authentication methods to collect data, gain actionable insights, enhance user experience and improve loyalty.

Session Management

Choose the session management parameters you need such as duration, speed caps, data usage, time of operations, content filtering and so on.

Advertising Management

Display company or third-party ads on your captive portal or landing pages to drive promotions while seamlessly generating revenues.

Online Reporting

Access an online reporting interface to monitor your Wi-Fi network. You can drill down on a variety of data and trends such as Onboarding Stats, Device Insights, Core Usage Stats and User Story, among others.

24 / 7 /365 Support

Our experienced Help Desk specialists address questions from users accessing your Wi-Fi network. This service may act through white label, should you need it.

A Complete Wi-Fi Access Management Solution from Design to Day-to-Day
Management and Support

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Enhanced User Experience

You can choose from a variety of options which let you define the user experience.

We offer the possibility of differentiating the user experience according to type of user (guests, clients, employees) and locations (country, states, establishments) or a mix of both.


Our Wi-Fi Access Management solutions have been designed for easy scalability, so it can follow our clients’ business growth years after years as well as their progress when adding new locations, stores, offices, etc.


Our front or white label Help Desk provides answers to thousands of requests each day, freeing substantial resources and lightening workload for your own resources.


Our enterprise-grade solution is mission-critical for many of our clients such as banks, global retail brands, international restaurant chains, etc.

To ensure that our solutions always support their business requirements 24/7, our Managed Wi-Fi solution’s architecture is geo-redundant for maximum security.

Equipment Vendor Agnostic

Our solutions can be deployed on top of any existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. We directly integrate with leading Wi-Fi equipment vendors to further reduce deployment time and costs.

Reliable and Secured

For years, we have provided Managed Wi-Fi Access Solutions to discerning clients such as banks, while simultaneously ensuring their networks’ day-to-day health. Such rigorous business conditions have enabled us to take reliability to levels rarely seen within our sector.

It is both in our clients’ interests, as well as ours, that our solutions are reliable and secured to reduce potentially costly problems and to accommodate each customers’ specific business and technical needs.

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Wi-Fi is now a lot more than an on-boarding ramp onto a network.

It has become the medium that more and more businesses are leveraging to analyze prospects and customers on-site behavior around visits, dwell times and frequency.

Combined with a layer of Guest Access Captive Portal to collect information, it also allows businesses to engage with these prospects and customers in a real-time manner through personalized campaigns, surveys, adverts and meaningful communication.

Robert Soussa, Managing Partner, Business Development

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