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Datavalet's branded captive portal solution creates impactful captive portals with appealing designs and brand elements to engage users and reinforce your business's unique personality. They foster loyalty and repeat business by providing a positive experience from the onset of a user’s connection. Start building stronger brand recognition and loyalty today with Datavalet's solution.

Take charge of your engagement with a fully customizable captive portal design.

Enhance user experiences with our innovative self-serve options that let you make a captive portal that is uniquely yours. Unleash your Wi-Fi network's full potential with a personalized user experience, leaving them with a positive impression of your brand. Customize your captive portal through our Dataview software to match your brand identity and customer preferences. Engage users, share information, and promote offers as users login.

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Choose from our five unique templates to fulfill your specific needs

Unlock the potential of user engagement and data capture with our versatile range of five unique captive portal types.

Quick Connect

With Quick Connect, users can easily connect to your network without any hassle.

Data Harvester

The Data Harvester captures valuable user information to enhance your marketing strategies.

Access Codes

Access Codes offer a convenient way to grant access to specific users or groups. Explore the possibilities to revolutionize user engagement and data capture.

Paid Access

With Paid Access, you can monetize your network while providing a quality user experience.

Social Login

Social Login allows users to log in effortlessly using their existing social media accounts.

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Bridge the language gap with support for multiple languages in the captive portal

Elevate the guest experience with our multilingual captive portals, designed to provide reliable connectivity in different languages. You can ensure guests from diverse backgrounds feel welcome with support for multiple languages. Create a more inclusive and satisfying experience for everyone, enhancing their overall satisfaction and engagement with your brand.

Unlock valuable customer insights with our powerful Data Harvester

Harness the power of guest Wi-Fi captive portals to effortlessly collect and leverage valuable guest information. Gather key customer insights that can be utilized for marketing campaigns. Gain deep insights into your guests’ behaviors and preferences, allowing you to make informed business decisions, strengthen customer relationships, and drive long-term success.

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Unlock the power of proximity marketing with Presence Engage

Turn your guest Wi-Fi into a revenue center. Harness the power of location-based marketing strategies, delivering personalized messages, promotions, and customer recommendations. Enhance customer experiences, drive foot traffic, and increase sales – all while establishing a deeper connection with your customers. Presence Engage can do it all.

Let us handle your captive portal needs.

From setup to design, we take care of all aspects of the service, including providing 24/7 help desk support for users and businesses alike.

Ready to build your own captive portal?

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Datavalet provides high-speed Wi-Fi network management to guest and staff across your business. We can transform Wi-Fi from commodity to business value.

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