Increase the use of your space with outdoor Wi-Fi

Keep visitors connected while they enjoy your space with outdoor Wi-Fi. Increase dwell time by providing connectivity. Alleviate data usage concerns and help visitors save. Embrace the power of connection and enable your guests to share happy moments from your venue, fostering a vibrant community. Providing Wi-Fi to your visitors will attract more and increase satisfaction – it’s a win-win.

Hassle-free outdoor Wi-Fi that delivers, rain or shine.

With our decades of experience implementing complex networks, you can count on us to build a network that you can rely on. We’ll take care of everything from setup to implementation. With a combination of technology and expertise, every challenge is easy to handle. We’ll deliver a quality network you and your visitors can always count on. And once everything is in place, our help desk is here 24/7 to keep you up and running.

Connect and bring the community together.

Create a space where people can breathe fresh air and stay healthy without sacrificing connectivity. Visitors can enjoy the area while studying, reading, working, or relaxing. More people, more conversations, more connection. After all, wasn’t your space meant to bring people together? Outdoor Wi-Fi can help your space become what it was always meant to be: a community gathering place.

Presence Engage can take your outdoor Wi-Fi to the next level

Transform your outdoor space into a smart, connected environment with Presence Engage by Datavalet. Use Wi-Fi location analytics for valuable insights on visitor behavior, foot traffic patterns, and dwell times to improve customer engagement, optimize operations, and drive revenue growth.

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Set up a fundraiser for the park or charity.

As users log on, give them the option to be part of something bigger. Collect donations through our easy-to-use platform. Make a more significant impact on the world by efficiently collecting charity funds. Give visitors a chance to give back, make a difference, and support the space. After all, that’s what community is all about- looking out for each other. Meet fundraising goals quickly and effortlessly without needing extra tools. Our captive portal solution will help you achieve success in your fundraising without a complicated campaign.

Enhance the appeal of your venue and elevate your events with outdoor Wi-Fi

More visitors will enjoy your space when you offer the option of connectivity. Visitors won’t have to use their data to connect, helping them relax while enjoying the great outdoors. Outdoor Wi-Fi can also bring events to the next level by adding an interactive element that allows organizers to provide real-time updates, interactive apps, digital ticketing, and cashless transactions. Visitors can make great memories that last for a lifetime.
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