The Customer

In this case, a large public health authority overseeing healthcare institutions & services with an annual budget of over $15 B chose Datavalet’s managed Wi-Fi solution to:

  • Enhance Wi-Fi services in 160+ healthcare sites composed of hospitals and clinics.
  • Improve patient, visitor and staff on-site experience.
  • Monetize Wi-Fi and provide a revenue-sharing model with tiered offering based on bandwidth and duration.

The Solution

  • Deployment of a cloud-based SaaS Wi-Fi Access Management solution with personalized experience for user categories such as visitors, patients and healthcare staff.
  • Development of a revenue-sharing model where Datavalet receives payments and transfers a portion of these to the telco operator, who in turn transfers another portion to the designated health authority.
  • Customization of paid or free Wi-Fi access for Doctors, VIP or institutions that do not want to ask for payment.
  • Development of custom captive portals for each site with several authentication schemes: Quick connect, Access Codes, Access through Credit Card.
  • Integration of Dataview Analytics solution for each site.
  • Access code generation with customizable option per code: session duration, maximum bandwidth, number of connected devices.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 help desk for users.
  • Wi-Fi session control through content filtering and bandwidth limitation.

The Results

Given the success of this extensive deployment and innovative revenue sharing model, the health authority is currently considering Datavalet’s Donation feature which gives users a list of healthrelated foundations they may choose to donate to in exchange for access to Wi-Fi.

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