St. Mary’s Hospital, a prominent healthcare facility in Montreal, serves a diverse community and is committed to providing exceptional patient care. With 271 beds, the Hospital caters to a large number of patients and visitors each day. Recognizing the importance of Wi-Fi connectivity and fundraising, the hospital sought a solution to offer free and secure internet access while facilitating donations to support its vital services through the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation.

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The Challenges

In implementing a new guest Wi-Fi solution, St. Mary’s Hospital faced several challenges that needed to be addressed to enhance patient experience and support their fundraising efforts.

  • Providing seamless and secure internet access for patients and visitors.
  • Facilitating fundraising efforts for the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation.
  • Ensuring ease of implementation and customization of the solution to meet the hospital’s specific requirements.

The Solution

St. Mary’s Hospital partnered with Datavalet to deploy a comprehensive Guest Wi-Fi solution that addressed connectivity needs and fundraising goals. The solution included
  • Implementing a secure guest Wi-Fi network that utilizes their current Wi-Fi infrastructure while maintaining a distinct separation from their operational network.
  • Integrating a captive portal for patients to accept terms, granting free internet access.
  • Incorporating a Donations module on the captive portal, enabling direct contributions to St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation.
  • Offering 24/7 helpdesk support for patients requiring technical assistance to connect.
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Enhanced Patient Experience:

Patients and visitors at St. Mary's Hospital now enjoy seamless internet connectivity throughout the hospital, enabling them to stay connected with their loved ones, access entertainment, or manage personal tasks during their stay.

Fundraising Opportunities:

The Donations module integrated into the captive portal has proven to be a valuable fundraising tool. By offering a convenient way for users to contribute to the St. Mary's Hospital Foundation, the hospital has generated significant revenue to support its programs and services.

Efficient Implementation:

The Director of Development at St. Mary's Hospital commended Datavalet for being easy to work with and efficient in implementing the solution. Datavalet's team handled all aspects of the implementation process and customized the solution to fit the hospital's unique needs seamlessly.

St. Mary’s Testimonial

“The team at Datavalet has been exceptional to work with. Their expertise and dedication have made implementing our Guest Wi-Fi service a seamless process. The Donations module on the captive portal has significantly contributed to our fundraising efforts, allowing us to support our important work at St. Mary’s Hospital.”

— Director of Development, St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation

Patient Testimonial

“During my wife’s surgery at St. Mary’s Hospital, the Guest Wi-Fi offered a brief distraction in the waiting room. When I saw the Donations option, I immediately contributed. In that critical moment, supporting the hospital felt essential. Grateful for their care, I’ll continue to give back.”

– Heart surgery patient’s husband


Datavalet's Guest Wi-Fi service has improved patients' and visitors’ experience at St. Mary's Hospital and provided a valuable fundraising platform through the Donations module. As part of our commitment to supporting St. Mary's Hospital and its Foundation, we encourage you to contribute to their cause by donating here. Together, we can advance healthcare services and ensure better outcomes for all.

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