We've woven sustainability into our operations as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

We’ve structured our operations to limit energy consumption and carbon footprint.  We’ve chosen Montreal as our hosting location to have access to carbon-free renewable power. We design every network with efficiency in mind, offer blackout hours to save energy, and use AI to help reduce emissions on deployments.

We are a certified EcoLeader

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Datavalet was designated as an official Eco Leader by Ecocert in June 2022, receiving the esteemed Level 1 Eco-Responsible™ Certification. This accolade acknowledges our commitment to enhancing environmental policies and prioritizing sustainable development. Our wide-ranging efforts encompassing economic, environmental, social, and cross-functional initiatives were instrumental in securing this certification.

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Sustainable efficiency by design

Datavalet is dedicated to sustainable network infrastructure design. We prioritize eco-conscious practices that minimize infrastructure requirements and maximize coverage with fewer access points (APs). We reduce power consumption and achieve optimal results through meticulous site surveys and careful analysis. Our commitment to sustainability has significantly reduced our carbon footprint while benefiting the environment and delivering long-term cost savings to our clients.

Our NOC uses AI to reduce our emissions

We reduce our carbon footprint by optimizing operations and minimizing dispatches. Our data pool and monitoring infrastructure, powered by AI, improves our Network Operations Center (NOC) efficiency. This innovative system automatically analyzes and resolves alerts, enabling swift incident resolution without physical dispatches. Our remote resolution capabilities improve efficiency and minimize environmental impact. By reducing physical dispatches, we strive for a greener future. Datavalet remains committed to innovative solutions that optimize services while reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability in managed services.
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Save power without harming performance

After business hours, we offer the ability to power down non-essential equipment, significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. Think of it like turning the lights off when you leave the room. This initiative aligns with our mission to provide sustainable solutions, resulting in reduced operational costs and a greener future. As a leader in sustainable managed services, we prioritize efficiency and energy waste reduction, delivering environmental benefits and economic advantages for our clients.

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Earth Day Clean Up

Our teams in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa honor Earth Day with a trash pick-up initiative in their respective communities. Our ecological consciousness reflects in concrete actions, and we believe in reducing waste and pollution. Our staff embodies our company’s values and objectives.
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