11 Feb 5 Use Cases of Wi-Fi Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

Guest Wi-Fi is a staple of retail and dining establishments, as it can offer shoppers and diners efficient, high-quality service, and provide various marketing opportunities for business owners to turn first-time customers into loyal, repeat customers and brand ambassadors. It can be strategically implemented at…


28 Jan Is Your Team Ready for Wi-Fi Management?

Free guest Wi-Fi service is fast becoming a necessity for retail businesses in order to better serve the changing needs of their customers and offer frictionless buying experiences. Offering free Wi-Fi in exchange for personal information, for example by having customers log in with their…

coffee shop with guest wifi

17 Dec Is your Guest Wi-Fi Helping or Hurting Your Business?

Look around any Starbucks, McDonald’s or Tim Hortons branch, and you’ll quickly realize that most people are connected throughout their visit. Some will be surfing on Facebook, others watching videos on YouTube, others may be working on their laptops and others still will be “Instagraming”…


04 Dec How Guest Wi-Fi is Reshaping the Financial Institutions Sector

Banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other financial institutions in general have been leaders in embracing technology for core and back-office applications but have generally underperformed when it comes to retail banking and customer-facing applications. Things, however, are changing quickly. With the emergence of fintech,…

Managed Wi-Fi Service providers

07 Nov 14 Reasons to Outsource Wi-Fi Management

There are many benefits to outsourcing the management of your Wi-Fi network to experts, just as there are many advantages of outsourcing services for data storage, security services, software tools, and other services. Let’s explore these benefits in more detail. Considerable cost savings are realized…