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Do you find yourself struggling to manage the internet services for your school or campus? Worry no more! Our high-speed internet connection guarantees reliable and hassle-free access for your students and staff. We understand that managing a network can be a daunting task, that is why we are here to take that responsibility off your hands. You can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that everything is taken care of – from the installation of the connection to the maintenance and upgrades. Your students and staff can go about their daily activities with ease and without interruption. With our internet service, everyone can connect to the world wide web without any issues. Choose us as your reliable partner in providing dependable and convenient internet connectivity.

Coverage on every corner of campus.

We’ll make sure to keep everyone connected, everywhere. No ‘dead spots’ here! Students and staff can enjoy every corner of your beautiful campus without worrying about losing Wi-Fi connection. We’ll place access points strategically to build a zone of coverage that reaches everywhere. Your students will enjoy a reliable network and study sessions in the sunshine – and you’ll enjoy having one less thing to worry about.

We’ll work with your budget.

University budgets can be tight. We have years of experience working with campuses just like yours. Since we’re vendor-agnostic and work with multiple ISPs, we can find you the best internet rate possible, saving you money. Our services are customizable depending on your budget and needs. We’ll work with you to ensure you get a top-notch solution without overspending.

We handle the network. You keep hustling.

We’ll handle the service's setup, implementation, and delivery. Don’t worry about a thing. Once it’s set up, we’ll run the help desk, too. Call us anytime- 24/7 - with any problems. 

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We’re used to complex networks.

We have years of experience implementing complicated networks – including networks on university campuses. You can count on us to deliver a quality network that you, your students, and your staff can rely on.

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Datavalet provides high-speed Wi-Fi network management to guest and staff across your business. We can transform Wi-Fi from commodity to business value.

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