In 2023, Datavalet undertook the significant challenge of installing a Wi-Fi solution at The Sandman Centre in Kamloops, BC, for the Memorial Cup, with a tight two-month deadline post-equipment receipt. Our expertise and collaboration with TELUS were crucial, especially in strategically positioning equipment in the arena’s unique environment for optimal performance and comprehensive fan coverage.

Throughout the project, our adaptability, project management, and technical skills shone, leading to the successful deployment of reliable, optimized Wi-Fi and Guest Wi-Fi networks in time for the Memorial Cup. This success not only met the client’s goal of enhancing fan engagement but also reinforced our status as a leading Wi-Fi solution provider for complex scenarios.

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The Challenge

The Sandman Centre faced a daunting challenge in 2023. With the Memorial Cup on the horizon, they urgently needed a Wi-Fi solution throughout the arena to enable fan engagement and operational efficiency. However, the tight timeframe posed a significant problem. We had just a few months to collaborate on the design of the network, order equipment, set up the Wi-Fi infrastructure, and implement the guest Wi-Fi environment with a branded captive portal. By the time the equipment arrived, we had just two months to deliver. The situation demanded precise coordination and expertise in an arena environment known for its technical complexities – the heart of the challenge we had to overcome.

The Solution

We developed a comprehensive solution for the Sandman Centre, involving the installation of Wi-Fi access points (APs) both indoors and outdoors. The integration of these APs with switches and our managed services ensured a seamless internet experience for all users.

The network design included redundancy for failover, with connections to multiple internet services and power sources. This ensures continuous connectivity, providing a reliable Wi-Fi experience for fans and attendees, even during network disruptions.

We introduced a branded captive portal for Guest Wi-Fi, streamlining the connection process and enhancing fan satisfaction. This portal enables quick, hassle-free access to high-speed Wi-Fi after accepting terms and conditions.

Datavalet also established a dedicated network for Sandman Centre operations, separate from the guest network. This separation offers multiple advantages, including secure, prioritized staff access for critical operations like payment processing, and reduced congestion between staff and guests. It also simplifies network management and troubleshooting, improving overall reliability and allowing staff to focus on their primary responsibilities. Implementing this solution, especially in a complex arena setting and under tight time constraints, required detailed scheduling and expert coordination for the installation and configuration of the extensive network infrastructure.

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Guest Wi-Fi Network

The guest Wi-Fi improved the arena experience with fast, secure connectivity for fans to stay connected, access exclusive content, and engage in real time.

Collaborative Expertise

Datavalet showcased our teamwork by combining expertise in Meraki solutions with various teams, including the client and TELUS.

Adaptability and Flexibility

The project demonstrated remarkable flexibility in navigating tight timeframes and rapidly changing conditions, emphasizing our ability to adapt to unexpected challenges.

Project Management

Adept project management and coordination skills were pivotal in completing complex tasks such as timely deployment and configuration.

Technical Proficiency

Datavalet’s deep technical knowledge and proficiency in deploying many Wi-Fi locations within the arena, overcoming the inherent complexities of a large public venue.

Efficient Design

Success depended on precise equipment placement, showcasing our expertise in optimizing Wi-Fi coverage in challenging environments such as arenas and stadiums.

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Enhanced Fan Engagement

The introduction of high-speed Wi-Fi at the Sandman Centre significantly boosted fan engagement. Fans could share live experiences on social media, interact with event apps, and access real-time content, enhancing their overall experience.

Reduced Maintenance Needs

Thanks to Datavalet’s support, the Sandman Centre reduced its dependence on in-house IT support. With quick resolution of issues by Datavalet’s help desk, the venue can focus on critical event management tasks.

Dependable Wi-Fi for All

The Sandman Centre's dual-network Wi-Fi setup offers reliable connectivity for both staff and guests. The staff benefits from efficient operational communication, while guests enjoy uninterrupted internet for activities like ticket scanning and browsing.

Scalable Network Infrastructure

The Wi-Fi system at Sandman Centre is designed for scalability, ready to handle growing connectivity demands and adapt to new technologies. This ensures the venue stays equipped for diverse events and future tech upgrades.

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