In this case, our customer, a large discount retailer chain operating 250 stores with 8,000 employees chose Datavalet for the deployment of public Wi-Fi in all its stores to improve on-site client experience and promote its branded Android and Apple application which offers coupons to visitors in store.

1. The solution

  • Wi-Fi Access Management integrated with the client’s existing Fortigate infrastructure.
  • A customized, branded captive portal which promotes the client’s coupon application.
  • A quick connect authentication scheme.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 help desk service for end users and the client IT staff.
  • Dataview Analytics Solution to better understand visitor behavior and session statistics.

2. The Results

  • Improved visitor experience with free wireless Internet access and easy connectivity.
  • Promotion of the client’s coupon application.

3. The Future

Based on initial successful roll out, Datavalet and the client are in discussion to introduce Datavalet’s Data Harvester which gathers and sends user data to clients’ databases or sales/marketing systems. This convenient functionality could be used as a means to directly sign up clients into the customer loyalty program.

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