Let us Manage Your Restaurant Wi-Fi Marketing

Collect data, analyze in-store behavior, personalize the customer experience and turn your Wi-Fi into stronger sales. with restaurant wi-fi marketing. Stay focused on your core activities while our experienced team takes care of all the IT requirements that come with providing customers a restaurant Wi-Fi experience. We’ll handle everything – from your network’s design to day-to-day maintenance and management.

Engage With Your Customers Via Personalized Communications

With our solutions, you will be able to use the data you collect to enhance your experience, delight customers and transform them into brand ambassadors. With seamless targeted communications, you will build revenues and loyalty for your venue.

Understand Your Customers Through Elaborate Data Analytics

Providing guest Wi-Fi is great. Gaining customer insights while doing so is better. Collecting data through Wi-Fi offers endless opportunities for restaurants. When integrated with your CRM, you can build a full profile and gain a thorough understanding of your customer’s behavior.

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Engage with your customers like never before

  • Give customers a Reason to Return​
    Through Wi-Fi, recognize customers when they come back, ask for feedback when they leave and send personalized communications to drive recurring business.
  • Know Who Your Customers Are​
    Wi-Fi makes collecting customer data easy and seamless. Knowing your customers and their preferences is the first step to building a great dining experience.
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Give your restaurant chain a serious competitive edge

  • Make Better Decisions Using Location Data Insights
    Gain insights on location behaviors with restaurant wi-fi marketing. Understand how your customers behave in your venue, how long they stay, when they come and how often they return. Use this goldmine of actionable information to improve your promotional activities and business decisions.
  • Leverage Social Reach, Feedback Sharing and Online Reviews
    With 39% of millenials posting their dining out experience to social media, and 40% of dinners who admit choosing a restaurant because they saw a friend’s social post or a positive review online, this is free marketing you can’t neglect. And Wi-Fi is a great tool to help you take advantage of this.

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