Enhance your residents’ living experience through property-wide Internet connectivity and increase property revenues. While you’re at it, Maestro can provide a single pane of glass view of your IoT devices to facilitate providing a secure and pleasant environment. Your residents can move into an Internet-ready unit, be connected all over the premises and manage their service directly from a user-friendly platform.

More value, more revenue

Increase your monthly revenues by including the Internet service in the rent, or by giving your tenants the choice of different packages tailored to their needs.

Connected property

With only one network across the premise, your residents will always stay connected as if they're still in their unit. Use the same network to onboard your IoT devices like heating, cooling, door locks, alarm system, cameras, and more.

One management platform

Keep an eye on your property's proper functioning and your tenants' well-being. We will customize your Maestro dashboard so you can visualize exactly what's important for you.

Ongoing engagement

Maestro helps you understand exactly how your living spaces are being used : Occupancy levels, peak hours, geospatial patterns. Then, you can communicate with your residents in a targeted and timely manner through SMS or email.

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Bring your home Wi-Fi to all living spaces

Why should your Wi-Fi be limited to the confines of your unit? Stretch your network beyond into the shared living spaces with other residents while benefiting from your own private network, as if you were still in your living room.

Worry-free browsing and streaming

When available, unlimited Internet can be provided for a worry-free browsing experience. That way, no unexpected surprises and hours spent talking to customer service, you know what to expect every month.

Let us do the heavy lifting

The best connectivity experience without the burden of dealing with Internet service providers. No calls to set up a service, no delay to install, no technician appointments required, just log on in 2 minutes and you're connected.

Finally in control of your Internet service

Maestro is a customizable Internet service that allows you to be in control. Residents can manage their internet service with an easy to use platform, allowing them to add or remove devices, manage their payment methods and change their service plan.

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