Enhance the student experience and generate revenue with student housing Wi-Fi

Offer your students easy-to-manage connections with student housing Wi-Fi.  Boost your profitability effortlessly with Maestro by Datavalet. Diversify income and enrich the student experience. Discover your potential earnings here with our NOI calculator!

A fully connected residence leads to happier students

Elevate student satisfaction with Maestro’s all-in-one Student Housing Wi-Fi solution. Your tenants can experience internet-ready units and seamless connectivity across the residence while easily managing their connectivity through an intuitive platform. Download our infographic to discover why Maestro is the perfect choice for your residence hall.

Students heavily rely on an internet connection.
Set them up with a secure personal area network (PAN).

Students depend on the internet for research, online classes, schoolwork, and more. A fast, comprehensive, secure, and dependable Wi-Fi connection will help their productivity and enable them to do their best work. By providing extensive coverage across the entire premises and ample bandwidth, students can connect simultaneously without encountering sluggish speeds or connectivity problems no matter how many devices they use. Best of all, the network is segmented. Each resident will get their own Personal Area Network (PAN), meaning that their connection is private and secure, lacking the security risks of a public network. Allow your student to connect with ease and peace of mind.

Choose a student housing Wi-Fi solution that can adapt to your changing environment

The occupancy rates of student housing can fluctuate throughout the year, necessitating a Wi-Fi infrastructure that can adapt accordingly. We provide the flexibility of scalable options and custom plans to provide you with a network that adapts to your needs.

We’ll handle the students' network. You keep doing what you do best.

We handle every service aspect, from setup to delivery, ensuring a frictionless experience. Our comprehensive support includes round-the-clock help desk assistance for both users and managers. You can count on prompt and reliable support whenever you need us.

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Unleash the power of Location Analytics with Student Housing Wi-Fi

Explore and discover the most sought-after amenities. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how and when these amenities are utilized. This allows you to make informed decisions based on collected data. With Maestro by Datavalet, the possibilities are endless, especially when coupled with our education institution solutions.

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