Knowing how people explore and engage with your property is a powerful way to create more value. With Maestro’s analytics and engagement features, your network becomes a powerful tool to help you collect information, analyze traffic, and communicate with users directly. Knowing where people are, what they’re doing, and being able to send out important messaging – all in real-time – will turn your building into a single, well-run organism.

To help you understand more, we’ve broken down Maestro’s location analytics and engagement features into the following:

What Is Location Analytics?

Location analytics is a powerful way to extract insights about how people navigate and behave in a space, using geospatial signals. In the context of multi-dwelling unit (MDU), or commercial property Wi-Fi, location analytics involves understanding users’ movements through their cell phones or other devices.

For example, let’s say you’re a commercial property manager for a mall, and you want to understand when peak hours are. Or, perhaps you run a residential building, and want to know how often certain amenities like the pool, gym, or common area are used. Location analytics through a solution like Maestro can provide you this data in real-time – plus a whole lot more.

A New Way to Communicate With Residents

On top of location analytics, property-wide Wi-Fi provides a unique way to engage with your guests, residents, and visitors. With Maestro’s communication functionality, you can leverage your network to share information, promote products, services, and events, or even keep people informed during emergencies. You can also split your communications by groups, areas, or even target single users. If you’re running a hotel, for example, you can see when a user enters the spa and can target them directly with relevant promotions. Or, if you have a resident in an MDU building who is in the gym 5 minutes before closing time, Maestro will let you shoot them a quick reminder to let them know the gym will be closing soon.

Residential Property Use Cases 

As a residential property manager, understanding your building and tenants is key to creating a safe, efficient, and profitable property. Here’s how Maestro’s analytics and communications features can be used to add immediate value in a residential context.

  • Understand the use of common spaces

Maestro’s location analytics helps you more accurately evaluate how spaces in your building are used. Get real-time insight on dwell time, occupancy levels and guest presence, localized to whichever space you want to analyze – whether it’s the gym, pool, laundry room, or common area.

  • Help residents find lost devices in the property

Keep your residents connected and give them peace of mind when devices go astray. Maestro comes with the option to search for a resident’s device simply by entering ‘’ into their browser, bringing up all the devices associated with their account.

  • Keep your residents safe and your building supervised, with minimal effort

Maestro lets you automatically send real-time, location-based messages to residents. Keep in contact with your residents if they’re using spaces after hours, or that are closed for repairs. For example, if a resident enters the pool after closing time, Maestro can send an automated message to their device to remind them of your hours.

  • Track IoT devices on the property

Monitor the health and operational level of important IoT devices connected throughout your property. In senior living facilities, for example, tracking medical equipment on the premises allows management to optimize their operations and offer a better quality of care.

Commercial Property Use Cases

Whether you manage a mall, an office, or a gym, your role as a commercial property manager can be enhanced by understanding your business better. Here’s a quick look at how Maestro can help you manage your property as one organism, through location data and direct engagement.

  • Get real-time traffic analytics

Understand traffic and footflow across all the areas of your building. Get to-the-second data on where, when, and how many people are in your space.

  • Analyze how visitors move around your space

By mapping out how people move, you’ll have a better idea of their intent and interests. You can use these insights to create tailored marketing tactics, creating a more personalized visitor experience.

  • Compare different locations’ performance

Maestro empowers multi-location businesses to contrast individual site performance, through metrics like footfall, dwell time, and peak business hours.

  • Optimize rental revenue based on traffic
Segment the more desirable areas of your space – such as prime locations in your mall – from those with lower footfall and dwell time, and adapt your rent accordingly. By understanding exactly where the busiest parts of your property are, you can help your commercial tenants find the spot that suits their business best, and price rent accordingly.
  • Engage with visitors through promotions

By gathering information on certain users through location analytics, you’ll be able to make your marketing more personalized and effective. You can also provide these insights to commercial tenants, at a fee, to help them with their own marketing efforts. For example, Maestro enables you to target specific users who repeatedly visit specific stores or even area within a store, helping you understand their interests and cater to them accordingly through promotions.

Final Thoughts

Maestro can help you better monitor human behavior in your space. Through our location analytics and engagement features, you’ll be able to track movements, gain insight into the habits of your users, and find more direct ways to communicate key information. Ultimately, Maestro helps property managers understand their building better. By mapping out the behavior of your residents, users, and visitors, you can begin to see your building as one living organism. Once you have this kind of oversight, you’ll be able to manage more effectively, grow your revenue, and minimize problems before they occur. Through location analytics and engagement, Maestro transforms your property-wide Wi-Fi into an informational nerve center.

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