As Baby Boomers retire, downsize their homes, and move into senior communities, there is an increased demand for easy, reliable, and fast internet service. Smartphone adoption for adults ages 60 to 69 is at 81 percent. So, it’s time for property managers and facility directors to provide effective property-wide connectivity for residents’ smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The Maestro model provides an easy, innovative, and secure senior living internet solution. Here are a few everyday benefits of upgrading to our platform.

Simplified Senior Living Internet

The Maestro model is easy to set up, making it an ideal solution for assisted living, long-term care, and retirement home internet. No need to call a secondary internet company for installation, equipment, or to manage internet as we take care of everything!

Unlike standard internet providers, we don’t install modems in each room or unit. Instead, we strategically place Wi-Fi access points throughout for true property-wide internet, even in exterior living spaces.

The platform provides secure access and the opportunity to monetize an Internet service in your seniors facility. You can choose to charge a monthly fee for residents, guest access fees for visitors and provide free access for staff. Whichever option you choose, every resident and staff member will have a secure access to the Internet from the moment they walk through the facility doors.

Our services include 24/7 monitoring and support. When questions or issues arise, you and your residents can call us for immediate technical support. No waiting on hold like with traditional internet providers.

Keeping Seniors Active and Engaged

Boredom and loneliness increase as we age, especially once seniors stop driving and their mobility slows down. Add to that the fact that many seniors’ family members don’t live locally, and technology becomes essential for mental health and quality of life. Daily on-site activities aren’t enough to keep residents active and engaged, so technology can fill the gap.

Smartphones, notebooks, and computers provide independence, autonomy, and improved socialization. Seniors can video chat with loved ones, play games, read, stream TV and movies, and more. Their smartphone apps can also be used to order takeout, groceries, prescriptions, and other deliverables.

Since the internet is property-wide, they’ll never miss a video chat with a loved one when out and about on the grounds as they are constantly connected.

Additional Features

The Maestro platform is so much more than just providing Internet to your residents. It can allow you to connect and monitor all your IoT devices like cameras, cooling, door locks, etc. You can also map your property and based on your internet access point positioning, track your residents’ devices, or connected equipment on the premise to improve your operations and offer the best care possible.

Your senior living facility is sure to have emergency call systems in place, but the Maestro platform can also provide a notification system. In addition to your in-unit pullcords and wearable emergency alert devices, we can integrate a “panic button” feature. Unlike pullcords and push buttons your Maestro panic button improves safety in their apartment as well as while out and about on the grounds.

In addition to internal emergency alerts, an increased number of seniors utilize wearable health sensors and connected at-home devices. Many of these devices are connected to apps that alert any combination of the patient, physicians, caregivers, family members, or senior home staff. To ensure everyone is up-to-date, property-wide senior living connectivity is required. For example, reminding a resident who is taking a stroll in the garden that it’s time to take their meds.

Senior Living Internet as a Competitive Edge

Baby Boomers desire the simplicity, safety, and comfort of moving into an independent or assisted living facility, but they also expect innovative amenities. Wondering about older demographics? Currently, 75 percent of adults 65 years and older regularly use the internet.

Whether your senior living internet is free or paid, it’s an amenity that can provide your senior community with a competitive edge. It’s one less service for residents to set up and our model ensures security and privacy in long-term care facilities.

Secure Guest WI-FI

Residents aren’t the only ones who will benefit from your new senior living internet, but also friends, family, and facility guests. If a resident’s daughter stops by for a visit, she can log in to their parent’s secure private Wi-Fi network to get access to the Internet. If a grandchild comes to visit on the weekend, they can also access their gaming sites thanks to high-speed internet. You can also create a guest network for vendors and health care providers to keep their mobile devices connected.


Everyone depends on internet connectivity in their everyday lives, and seniors are no exception. However, the Maestro Platform is so much more than internet, it’s a solution that improves quality of life, health, and safety.

Maestro is an MDU Solution by Datavalet Technologies Inc. We invite you to reach out today to discuss the various ways we can personalize the property-wide internet within your senior living community!


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