Maintaining a competitive edge in the local real estate market goes beyond location, square footage, and pricing. Whether renting or buying, residents are increasingly interested in amenities that provide convenience and improve their quality of life. In the constantly connected world we live in, this includes providing Internet in multi-family environments (mdu).

To achieve this objective in a manner that is efficient and effective, property managers must invest in the right MDU Internet solution. This will ensure easy setup and simplified network management.

Personal Area Networks (PAN)

Offering internet to residents isn’t as simple as installing access points on each floor and providing a shared password. Wi-Fi security, network management, and resident connectivity require a strategic approach. With a PAN configuration, the property’s Wi-Fi network is segmented into multiple home networks with an individual WPA2 key so every unit and family can have secure and private Wi-Fi access. This makes it possible to ensure that tenants’ devices can securely communicate with each other and avoid performance issues.

This new model of internet connectivity is trending in apartments, condos, student buildings, and senior living facilities. An increasing number of property managers and building owners are turning to a personal area network’s (PAN) architecture to ensure high-quality internet to their residents.

The Maestro Platform Benefits for Residents

Maestro segments the network, allows each resident to have their own password to log in and offers a Wi-Fi management platform. This provides every resident and their family their own password to log in and manage their Internet. With 35 percent of renters having between 5 and 9 devices, a property Wi-Fi platform has never been more essential. With network segmentation, shared-access security concerns are eliminated. Additional benefits include:

  • Residents can self-provision their internet the day they move in. There’s no need to transfer or set up new service.
  • Each resident gets their own secure and private personal area network for their household. They can safely and easily connect all devices without the worry of being compromised or affected by a neighbor’s internet access or usage.
  • If the property manager chooses to offer different tiered service plans, residents select the speed and bandwidth for their individual needs and budget. They can upgrade or change their usage at any time.
  • Automated monthly payments are scheduled through the platform. Residents just have to designate a debit or credit card.
  • Residents can manage their network within the Maestro management platform. This includes viewing data consumption by device and managing parental control on all devices in their network.
  • If a resident can’t find their phone, they can log in to the network on a secondary device and type in “”. There they can view where all of their connected devices are within the property, including where the lost device is.

Maestro Platform Benefits for Building Managers

The Maestro platform allows Property managers to control every aspect of their network and retrieve valuable property insights. Here are some benefits from using the Maestro platform:

  • Property managers can include the cost for Internet access in the tenant’s rent or set up tiered monthly pricing plans offering differing speed and data options to which the tenants can subscribe.
  • Manage IoT devices with ease, including alarm systems, cameras, door locks, heating, electricity, etc.
  • Access real-time data of common areas. Since residents are likely to bring a connected device to the pool or gym, their presence can be detected to determine peak hours and amenity-use.
  • Automate area or action communication. For example, sending the gym or pool rules to residents using these amenities in real-time.

Real-Life Use Cases for Property Managers

Smart buildings provide the convenience of connectivity for property managers too! The priority may be monetization and improving resident experience, but the Maestro Platform benefits the management team too. Connect all building IoT devices for real-time connectivity alerts. Track and monitor shared-space usage. Automate action-oriented resident messaging.

Here are a few real-life examples of how MDU connectivity benefits property managers:

  • A new family moves into the building and realizes they don’t have the internet performance they desire. So, they decide to upgrade to the advanced plan. They complete this same-day through the Maestro platform without property management’s assistance.
  • The property manager sees on the platform that one of the security cameras isn’t working. She rushes over to take a look and dispatches maintenance without delay. Typically, it would take at least a few days to determine a camera was down.
  • The gym has a capacity of 15 people, but analytics count 17 devices all at once. An email is automatically sent to all devices in the gym to remind residents of the rules.
  • A new resident heads up to the rooftop patio to barbeque for the first time and is automatically sent the patio rules.
  • The pool closes at 10 p.m. each day. So, residents presently at the pool are sent a “closing soon” reminder 30 minutes before it closes.
  • A property management team is discussing what shared-use spaces to provide in a new building. They pull up the usage analytics for their buildings that have the Maestro platform to see which spaces residents use most.
  • And more!


The Maestro platform provides control and insights, while being very easy to use. Our unique Wi-Fi model gives your building a competitive edge, as it provides a personalized, private, and login-ready network.

We’ve designed, developed, and deployed our personal area networks in over 11,000 locations across North America, providing connectivity to over 250 million users annually. Setup is fast, easy, and efficient.

Maestro is an MDU Solution by Datavalet Technologies Inc. Reach out today to learn more about property Wi-Fi for your condo, apartment, or multi-resident building! 

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