What is Proximity Marketing?

Network downtime can cause turmoil and revenue loss. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid internet outages. Here's how to prevent network downtime.

How to Prevent Network Downtime

Network downtime can cause turmoil and revenue loss. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid internet outages. Here's how to prevent network downtime.

How Providing Internet-Ready Units Increases the Value of Your Property

Providing internet service in your property's units brings value, increases revenue and improves resident experience. There are several other benefits as well.

Internet-Ready Units Improve Resident’s Living Experience

In the post-pandemic, hybrid working world we all live in, MDU Wi-Fi could be a game changer for your building, both in terms of added value for residents and increased revenue for your company.

How Location Analytics and Engagement Help Property Managers

With Maestro’s analytics and engagement features, your network helps you collect information, analyze traffic, and communicate with users directly.

6 Reasons to Choose Maestro as Your Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) Wi-Fi Solution

If you manage apartments or condos, you know the demand for internet-ready units is on the rise. Giving your tenants the ability to get connected from day one adds immediate value, while offering a host of benefits to you as a building manager. In this post, we’ve broken down the top 6 reasons why you should choose Datavalet for your Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) Wi-Fi.

Connecting Seniors With a Wi-Fi Solution

As Baby Boomers retire, downsize their homes, and move into senior communities, there is an increased demand for easy, reliable, and fast internet service. Smartphone adoption for adults ages 60 to 69 is at 81 percent. So, it’s time for property managers and facility directors to provide effective property-wide connectivity for residents’ smartphones, tablets, and...

How the Maestro Platform Simplifies Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) Internet

Maintaining a competitive edge in the local real estate market goes beyond location, square footage, and pricing. Whether renting or buying, residents are increasingly interested in amenities that provide convenience and improve their quality of life. In the constantly connected world we live in, this includes providing Internet in multi-family environments (mdu). To achieve this...

Why Property Managers Are Providing Internet to Their Tenants

  As property managers explore ways to maintain a competitive edge with their multi-dwelling units (MDU), an internet-ready unit model is sure to come up. This article explores the benefits of upgrading to a connected property for both the property management team and the tenants. For many, the investment rapidly pays itself back in a...

Why Banks Are Investing in Wi-Fi

The emergence of FinTech – or financial technology – has vastly impacted the banking experience. Banking and financial institution clients now expect to be able to do their banking however and whenever they wish – during their lunch break at their local branch, online at home in the evening, or via mobile app while on...

Datavalet provides high-speed Wi-Fi network management to guest and staff across your business. Transforming Wi-Fi from commodity to business value.


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