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Get a complete view of in-store patterns with Datavalet’s Location Analytics engine. It automatically detects the presence of customers upon entering your location and tracks their movement throughout their visit – whether they sign into the Wi-Fi or not.

Measure walk-bys, walk-ins, peak hours, dwell time, repeat customers, and much more. Use these insights to improve operations and measure the impact of marketing activities. Compare locations to set more robust performance benchmarks.

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Easy implementation

Our experts will handle everything- so you can focus on what you do best.

Intuitive interface

The intuitive Dataview interface makes it simple, so you can understand key data quickly and easily.

Set User Profiles

Distinguish between guests, clients, and employees to segment data into more meaningful and useful analytics.

Location Analytics Reports

Keep track of KPIs and enhance decision-making with custom reports.

Drive Business Value with Location Analytics

If you’re ready to streamline and optimize your revenue by leveraging Location Analytics, speak to one of our team members!

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Location Analytics Insights

  • Walk bys: Number of people who walk by your store.
  • Walk-ins: Number of people who enter your store.
  • Occupancy level: Number of people in your store at any moment.
  • New customers: First-time visitors to your store.
  • Repeat customers: People who have visited before.
  • Multi-location view: A global view that lets you drill down to a specific location.
  • Engagement level: Minimum amount of time spent in the store.

Understand behavior

Analyze daily traffic, frequency of visits, and time spent in store- even when they’re not connected to the Wi-Fi.

Storefront Appeal

Compare the number of passers-by with the customers who entered your store.

Benchmark Performances

Compare store performance individually or by region to set performance standards.

Plan Workforce

Forecast traffic and adapt your staff to serve your customers better and reduce costs.

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