Wi-Fi Analytics & Engagement

Where Wi-Fi User Data Become the Seeds of your Future Business

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Million User Sessions per Year


Thousand Client Locations

Managed Wi-Fi Solutions For Leading Brands

  • Network designs that meet your exact business needs
  • Enhanced user experience for Guests, employees and clients
  • Full network real time monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Marketing through data collection and targeted communications

Raw Data Feed

We gather Wi-Fi user data from policies you define and redirect this raw data to your database, CRM and marketing system, so you can extract the insights that best serve you.

Actionable Data Feed

We collect data from Wi-Fi-based surveys and feedback campaigns that generate actionable insights which can be integrated to your sales and marketing platforms.

Visitor Notification

Our Visitor Notification engine recognizes and tracks customer visit behavior while providing visitor analytics over time. Based on customizable rules, you can notify on-site, corporate or marketing staff to trigger various engagement activities, thanks to this valuable information.

Campaign Management

Leveraging our Visitor Notification engine, this module goes one step further by automatically pushing customer engagement activities such as real-time campaigns, surveys, promotions, rewards, and win-back programs. Campaign analytics capabilities are also provided.

Recognize and Engage Clients with Targeted & Customized Content

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Gain a Thorough Understanding of your Clients

Understand your client’s behavior and analyze their visit frequency. Continually validate your customers’ profiles and use this knowledge to better target your audience.

Recognize your Clients as soon as they Arrive On-site

Identify clients more accurately. Build a complete customer profile and push clever & spot-on content.

Advise your Staff when Clients are On-site

Provide your staff with pertinent information.

Equip staff so they can reach out to your customers with a personalized approach.

Engage Visitors in a Personalized Way

Perform location-based marketing. Plan engagement actions based on clients profiles & history and customize marketing activities by location.

Benefit from Campaigns Analytics

Get thorough data to adjust and refine your campaigns over time and grow the efficiency of your location-based campaign investments.

Grow your Loyalty Program

Use Wi-Fi as a means of onboarding new clients to your loyalty program and Mobile Apps, communicate with and reward your existing VIP customers and obtain value-added information to refine your program.

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Wi-Fi is now a lot more than an on-boarding ramp onto a network.

It has become the medium that more and more businesses are leveraging to analyze prospects and customers on-site behavior around visits, dwell times and frequency.

Combined with a layer of Guest Access Captive Portal to collect information, it also allows businesses to engage with these prospects and customers in a real-time manner through personalized campaigns, surveys, adverts and meaningful communication.

Robert Soussa, Managing Partner, Business Development

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