Wi-Fi Infrastructure Management

We Manage your Wi-Fi Infrastructure, so you can Reduce your Costs and Risks and Reallocate Resources to your Core Activities.

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Thousand Managed Equipment


Thousand Client Locations

Managed Wi-Fi Solutions For Leading Brands

  • Network designs that meet your exact business needs
  • Enhanced user experience for Guests, employees and clients
  • Full network real time monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Marketing through data collection and targeted communications

Incident Management

We monitor the health of your Wi-Fi network in real time for incidents and problems, so they can be addressed and resolved quickly and effectively.

Third Party Management

We manage third parties to streamline troubleshooting processes. We are efficient because we know them well, we speak the same language and we understand their realities.

Asset Lifecycle Management

A Wi-Fi network can have thousands of different pieces of equipment. We manage equipment inventory, location, configuration, and upgrades throughout their life cycle.

Equipment Hosting

We handle the management of the entire Wi-Fi infrastructure including equipment hosting services such as racking, mounting, configuration and on-going appliance management.

Field Services / Break-Fix

We have established a North American network of depots, spare equipment and certified field services providers to respond quickly to network issues. We also manage procurement and RMA processes with equipment vendors.

Wi-Fi Security

Like in many other sectors, security is paramount in Wi-Fi. We use technologies such as Wireless Infrastructure Detection Systems and Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems to monitor and get prompt notification as soon as a security threats occurs.

Free your IT Staff from Managing your Wi-Fi Network thanks to Datavalet
Wi-Fi Infrastructure Management Services

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Improve Efficiency

As Wi-Fi specialists since 1998, we have the experience, expertise and technologies to be extremely efficient at what we do.

You benefit from this efficiency through our Managed Wi-Fi Solutions and Services

Reduce Costs

Our efficiency translates into cost savings for you. As your number of Wi-Fi connected locations increases, you benefit from even larger scale savings as many of our largest clients with over 1,000+ connected locations throughout North America, can attest.


Our extended North American logistic network of spares, depots and field service providers is one of our biggest assets and one less hurdle for you to manage.

We monitor your Wi-Fi system 24 / 7 / 365, for complete peace of mind.

Speed up Reaction Time

In addition to our expertise, technologies, assets and processes, our close relationships with equipment vendors, telecom carriers and ISPs help speed up problem resolution time, which is one less headache for you.

Reduce Risks

With our finely tuned monitoring capabilities, we see most problems arise and take action before they evolve and become critical.

Thanks to our experience and thorough incident resolution processes, we react speedily to solve a variety of different events and major security threats.

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Wi-Fi is now a lot more than an on-boarding ramp onto a network.

It has become the medium that more and more businesses are leveraging to analyze prospects and customers on-site behavior around visits, dwell times and frequency.

Combined with a layer of Guest Access Captive Portal to collect information, it also allows businesses to engage with these prospects and customers in a real-time manner through personalized campaigns, surveys, adverts and meaningful communication.

Robert Soussa, Managing Partner, Business Development

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