What is Guest Wi-Fi

As the name is self-explanatory, guest Wi-Fi is a Wi-Fi access that companies provide to their guests.

Guest Wi-Fi is not a separate internet connection, it is simply a separate entry via a distinct access point, on the same internet connection. In other terms, you do not need an extra internet connection to provide a guest Wi-Fi, you only need to set it up via an additional access point.

This helps companies manage their user experience, differentiating between employees, clients, prospects, partners and guests, and providing a personalized user experience when browsing the internet.

Your wireless local area network, or WLAN, includes connectivity between laptop devices, printers and other internal productivity and private company devices. When opting for a guest Wi-Fi, you can grant access to your guests with a wireless internet connection without them accessing your full local network of devices, all that on the same internet connection that you already have.