Financial Services Managed Wi-Fi- Case Study

1. The Customer

Large international bank and financial services institution, with more than $500B in assets, $10B in annual revenue, and over 40,000 employees spread out across 1,000 locations/branches.

2. The Needs

  • Provide amenity services to their employees to promote job satisfaction and productivity.
  • Seamless connectivity and consistent access to mission-critical services for mobile employees.
  • Improve client satisfaction and Wi-Fi quality in branches.
  • Increase electronic business with clients through their mobile devices.
  • Ensure consistent Wi-Fi service in physically-secure “bunker-like” sites.
  • Heightened levels of security, confidentiality, intrusion detection and prevention of Wi-Fi sessions.
  • A fully managed solution, monitored 7x24x365, with SLAs to repair any service issues.

3. The Solution

Developing a Custom Wi-Fi Solution

  • Custom development specific to the bank’s needs, designed to operate seamlessly with their processes, systems, and databases.
  • Tailored solution to address the needs of a widely distributed (1000+ branches) user model, as well as several highly-concentrated Headquarters towers, each catering to thousands of users.
  • Customized captive portal for all users, with bankdesigned customer-facing splash pages, using the very same access codes used by employees to access all corporate-wide business applications, for seamless use.
  • System-wide HP-Aruba-based managed Wi-Fi solution installed in all locations, utilizing Datavalet Access Management and Infrastructure Management solutions, and managed and monitored 7x24x365, with full four-tier helpdesk support.
  • Dataview Analytics Solution to monitor Wi-Fi sessions and infrastructure by location, city, state, and entire network.

Ensuring Service Delivery and Network Security

  • Consistent service delivery and overall network health with Datavalet 7x24x365 proactive Network Operation Center monitoring.
  • Break/fix “feet on the street” dispatch capabilities, complete with forward-deployed equipment depots for rapid replacement of damaged or failing equipment.
  • SLAs to guarantee rapid service restoration in the event of any diminished service or outages.
  • Content filtering for “distracting” or “inappropriate” websites accessed on-site by either employees or customers.
  • Security enabled through cutting-edge firewall services, as well as intrusion prevention & intrusion detection capabilities.

Imrpoving Services to Clients

  • Datavalet’s tailored solution enabled the bank to offer clients Wi-Fi access applications using email, social-media or a combination of both sign-ins methods.
  • It enabled the bank to “push” useful on-site information to clients, such as complementary or additional services offered by the bank, “tips” for optimizing service, and access to forms while waiting.

4. The Results

  • Improvement of client satisfaction and employee productivity.
  • Mobile employees now able to securely access various critical bank systems with consistent service levels.
  • Clients’ wait times decreased, and satisfaction scores rose.
  • Clients enabled to complete paperwork as they wait, while on-site, for related services.
  • Rise in subscriptions to ancillary bank services.


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