Transforming Shoppers Experience With Wi-Fi Analytics and marketing

Understand your customers, engage timelessly, drive growth and revenues

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Wi-Fi Location Analytics and Marketing for Leading Retail Brands

Collect data, analyze in-store behaviors, personalize customer experience and make the most out of your Wi-Fi.

Understand Your Customers Through Data Analytics

Data collection through Wi-Fi offers a great deal of opportunities. When integrated with your CRM data, you can build a full profile and gain a thorough understanding of your customers behaviors and expectations online and offline.

Engage with Your Customers Through Seamless Personalized Communications

Use the data you collect to enhance your customer’s experience. With seamless communications tailored to your customers’ needs, you will drive more revenues and growth while building loyalty.

Drive Revenues and Business Growth with Wi-Fi Analytics and Marketing Applications

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Merging Digital and In-store Realities for the Ultimate
Shopper Experience

Gain a Thorough Understanding of Your Customers

Seamless data collection through your Wi-Fi system, integrated with your CRM and POS data, will give you a thorough understanding of your customers behaviors and expectations online and offline.

Use Targeted Communications to Drive Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Through Wi-Fi, recognize customers when they come back, ask for feedback when they leave and send personalized communications to drive recurring business while building loyalty with targeted communications.

Monitor In-store Behaviors and Movement

Gain insights on location behaviors. Understand how your customers behave in your venue, how long they stay, when they come and how many times they do.

We Manage Your Wi-Fi Network. You Focus on Your Core Business

As a leading North American managed Wi-Fi provider, we make sure you can focus on your core activities while our team takes care of the IT stuff. From design to ongoing maintenance and management, we ensure your retail chain makes the most out of Wi-Fi without draining your internal resources with all the IT requirements that come with the solution.