Wi-Fi Location Analytics and Marketing for Leading Retail Brands

Collect data, analyze in-store behavior, personalize the customer experience and turn your Wi-Fi into stronger sales.

Understand Your Customers Through Data Analytics

Collecting customer data through Wi-Fi offers a world of opportunities – especially when it’s integrated with your CRM. You can build complete customer profiles and better understand their behavior and expectation. Even better? You can use knowledge to engage them in surprising and delightful ways.

Engage Your Customers Through Seamless Personalized Communications

Use the data you collect to enhance your customer experience. With seamless communications tailored to your customers’ needs, you will drive more revenues and growth while building loyalty.

Drive Revenue and Business Growth with Wi-Fi Analytics and Marketing Applications

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Merge Digital and In-store Data for the Ultimate Shopper Experience

Know your customers In-depth

Integrate the data collected through your Wi-Fi system with your CRM and POS data to gain complete portrait of customer behavior and expectations – both online and offline.

Drive Engagement and Loyalty

Use your Wi-Fi to recognize customers when they come back, to ask for feedback when they leave, and to send personalized incentives to return often.

Monitor In-Store Behavior and Movement

Gain insights on location behaviors. Understand how customers behave in your venue, how long they stay, when they come, and how often they return.

Stay Focused On Your Core Business. We’ll Manage Your Wi-Fi Network.

Let our team handle all the aspects of offering a world-class Wi-Fi experience to shoppers. From network design to ongoing maintenance and end-user support. Our team will free up your internal IT resources, enabling you to stay focused on core activities.

Wi-Fi marketing: How to
in multi-location businesses

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