Fair Use Management

Prevent Wi-Fi campers from jeopardizing your legitimate users’ Wi-Fi experience. Our fair use management solution will keep your network secure and your bandwidth costs under control.


User Sessions Per Year


Customer Locations


Network Nodes

Automatically detect and manage abusers of your Wi-Fi network according to your own criteria. Our built-in smart Wi-Fi session control mechanisms allow for several possible flows of execution.

Manage Users Consistently

Manage unwanted users in a consistent and hassle-free way. Our advanced analytics engine distinguishes freeloaders from normal users and automatically takes action without requiring employees to intervene.

Decide What’s Acceptable

Choose your own threshold values for session duration, data consumption and visit frequency. You control what you think is acceptable Wi-Fi usage.

Set Parameters by Location

Set usage parameters for each individual location or for all locations. Change as needed.

Opt to Warn or Block

Decide how Wi-Fi campers are managed – from a simple warning to a sudden block for any length of time, even permanently.

Lift Bans if Needed

Need to unblock a user for any reason? Our network operations center can override the system at any time.

Ensure a Great Wi-Fi Guest Experience

Improve Wi-Fi connectivity for normal users by preventing those few extreme users from putting undue pressure on your overall Wi-Fi network.

Or Manage Case-By-Case

Eliminate the need to find common values that make sense across all branch locations. The smart Wi-Fi session control mechanism lets you manage usage on a case-by-case basis for more flexibility in striking a balance between good and bad users of the service.

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