Create endless value
with Guest Wi-Fi

Offer customers and employees a great Wi-Fi experience without putting extra strain on your IT resources. We have over 20 years of experience in designing and deploying Wi-Fi networks and will work with your team to build a Wi-Fi network that meets your needs. We can even manage it for you.


User Sessions Per Year


Customer Locations


Network Nodes

Retain full control over what matters most to you. Our specialists will handle all the other aspects of keeping your Guest Wi-Fi network up and running.

Manage Captive Portal & Gain Insights

Promote your Brand, gain user insights, and generate direct revenues with a customized captive portal – the first page users see when connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

Manage Authentication Schemes & Collect User Data

Choose one of several possible authentication methods to collect data, utilize actionable insights, enhance the user experience, and foster loyalty.

Manage User Sessions & Control Usage

Give users the best possible Wi-Fi experience by setting session parameters such as length, speed caps, data usage, time of operations, as well as content filtering.

Manage Ads & Generate Revenues

Display company or third-party ads on your captive portal to increase the visibility of promotions all while generating revenue.

Manage Fair Use & Prevent Campers

Distinguish valued guest Wi-Fi users from unwanted campers. Our smart Wi-Fi control mechanism offers several options for managing users.

Manage Fundraising & Promote Causes

Support fundraising activities by allowing Wi-Fi users to easily donate to a specific cause when connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Monitor & Report User Data

Easily monitor your Wi-Fi network with the online reporting interface. It offers a streamlined view of data and trends such as onboarding stats, device insights, core usage stats and user story, along with other key information.

Give Users 24 / 7 / 365 Support

Let our experienced helpdesk specialists address and answer questions from users accessing your Wi-Fi network. We also offer a white label service.

Get all a World-Class Wi-Fi infrastructure that can evolve with your business

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Get all the flexibility, security and reliability your business needs

Set Usage Parameters

Define user experience according to type of user (guest, client, employee, etc.) or location (country, state, venue). Or use a mix of both.

Allow for Scalability

Seamlessly add new locations, stores, offices, or branches as your business grows over the years. Our guest Wi-Fi platform is designed for easy scalability.

Minimize Deployment Time and Cost

Get your guest Wi-Fi up and running with minimal delay or disruption. Our products can be deployed on top of any existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. We also directly integrate with leading Wi-Fi equipment vendors to further reduce deployment time and costs.

Outsource Support

Free up precious IT resources and time. Our front or white label Helpdesk answers thousands of Wi-Fi and networking requests each day.

Keep Data Safe

Safeguard sensitive company data and ensure business continuity with an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi system built on geo-redundant architecture with maximum security failovers.

Ensure Reliable Connectivity

Meet your service reliability requirements – no matter how rigorous. Since 1998, we have been designing and managing the guest Wi-Fi systems of major restaurant chains, banks and retail brands across North America, while simultaneously ensuring their network’s day-to-day health.

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Turn Wi-Fi into business value with Datavalet’s managed Wi-Fi and branch network solutions:

  • Improve your customer experience
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Use insights from user data to boost sales/lower costs
  • Free up IT resources and better control costs
  • Stay focused on your core business

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