1. The customer

A North American city of about 500,000 inhabitants with an average density of 3,800 per square mile.

2. The Needs

  • Offer guest Wi-Fi to citizens, visitors and municipal employees throughout the city and the public areas and buildings.
  • Provide different Wi-Fi experiences based on where the user will be.
  • Deliver a fast, simple, one-time sign-in Wi-Fi connection to users who are already clients of the primary mobile operator in the city.
  • Allow roaming between public areas.
  • Capable of defining and managing user session characteristics.
  • Provide email-based Wi-Fi connection to other users.
  • A fully managed solution for Wi-Fi access and infrastructure, monitored 24x7x365, with breakfix service in case of issues.

3. The Solution

Developing a Custom Wi-Fi Solution

  • Custom, vendor-agnostic Wi-Fi network development specific to the city’s needs, layout and characteristics.
  • Tailored outdoor and indoor Wi-Fi solutions that address the requirements of a wide public area, several municipal buildings and different levels of user density, each catering to hundreds or thousands of simultaneous users.
  • Customized captive portal based on the town’s branding with messaging related to current municipal events.
  • Customized captive portal linked to a directory from a major mobile operator to allow for quick connections with its clients.
  • Other users are invited to enter their email address to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Session parameters differentiated by zones (parks, libraries, municipal buildings, etc.) with intelligent roaming features.
  • Session management for total bandwidth, authorized bandwidth and time limitation.
  • Content filtering for distracting or inappropriate website access.
  • Integration of a credit card module to enable charging for services (self-provisioning) in some of the covered zones.
  • Dataview Analytics Solution to monitor Wi-Fi sessions and infrastructure by zone and traffic flow as well as provide data in case of public events.
  • 24x7x365 helpdesk to help answer user-facing problems.

Ensuring Service Delivery and Network Security

  • Infrastructure Management services for 24x7x365 management and monitoring, with full four-tier helpdesk support.
  • Consistent service delivery and network health with Datavalet 24x7x365 proactive Network Operation Center monitoring.
  • Break-fix “feet on the street” dispatch capabilities, complete with forward-deployed equipment depots for rapid replacement of damaged or failing equipment.
  • SLAs to guarantee rapid service restoration in the event of any diminished service or outages.
  • Security enabled through cutting-edge firewall services, as well as intrusion prevention and detection capabilities.
  • Network design and RF spectrum analysis to optimize equipment and bandwidth.

4. The Results

  • Improvement of citizens’/visitors’ satisfaction and employees’ productivity.
  • Mobile municipal employees are now able to stay connected with consistent service levels.
  • Municipality’s image as a connected city rose significantly.
  • Improved connectivity access for some “less-developed” parts of the city, servicing many lower-income residents.

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