Quick Service Restaurant Chain Wi-Fi – Case Study

In this case, our customer, a top 3 global quick service restaurant chain, operating over 37,000 restaurants in 120 countries chose Datavalet for Wi-Fi deployment in one of its national subsidiaries with approximately 1,440 locations to improve on-site client experience while promoting company brand.

1. The solution

Wi-Fi Access Management

  • Custom captive portal for both clients and employees.
  • Custom Wi-Fi access authentication method for employees.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support of end-users, employees & IT staff.

Wireless Infrastructure Management

  • Infrastructure monitoring.
  • Equipment and vendor management.
  • ISP management.
  • Replacements and spare parts services.

Dataview Analytics Solution

  • Data analytics by session, date, mobile device, location, data consumption, authentication type, and top users.
  • All data may be sorted by restaurant, city, state or for the entire network.

2. The Results

  • Successful deployment of an integrated guest and employee Wi-Fi network throughout 1,440 restaurants.
  • An average of 200,000 Wi-Fi sessions per day and growing.
  • Improved client experience while on-site.
  • Promotion of the chain’s brand through custom captive portal.

3. The Future

Given the successful experience this prestigious chain has had with Datavalet since 2010, the customer has decided to move to the next step and is considering:

  • Implementation of Datavalet’s Data Harvesting engine to collect client data.
  • Deployment of Datavalet’s geo-targeted ad campaign capabilities.


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