Make personalized engagement an automatic part of your in-store customer experience

Presence Engage is a customer engagement platform that uses your Wi-Fi network and the customer’s mobile device to detect their presence the moment they step into your location. It then uses their collected personal data to enable unique customer interactions resulting in enhanced real-time in-store experiences, increased in-store spending and greater customer loyalty.

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Wi-Fi marketing: How to BOOST IN-STORE SALES & CUSTOMER LOYALTY in multi-location businesses

Increase in-store spending and customer loyalty
Presence Engage makes it easy


Easily create engagement campaigns directly in Presence Engage or upload campaigns from your existing marketing tool. Set campaign rules for various customer visit scenarios to let Presence Engage know which campaign to execute whenever the customer’s detected presence triggers a set rule.


When a customer accesses your Wi-Fi network for the first time, the captive portal collects their personal information to remember the device. From now on, whenever that device comes within range of one of your Wi-Fi access points, Presence Engage will recognize the device and associate it with that particular customer.


Each time the customer’s detected presence triggers a set rule during this and all subsequent visits, the platform automatically executes the appropriate campaign. Greet returning customers, let them know of any special offers, prompt them to download your app, and more. You decide the desired in-store interaction and when it’s executed; Presence Engage makes it happen without any further action on your part.

Continuously improve your customers’ in-store experience

Take your marketing and engagement efforts further by using the data analytics tools in Presence Engage to view and measure results by:

  • Campaign type
  • Campaign date
  • Store location

Adjust rules and campaigns as needed to drive improvement.

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Turn real-time in-store interactions into
recurring in-store transactions

Enhance the in-store experience

Add some “oomph” to your in-store experience by giving customers the VIP treatment as soon as they walk through the door. Let them know of any special offers or promotions. When they leave, thank them for their visit and open the door for feedback on their experience.

Increase in-store spending

Capture the attention of customers at that critical moment between when they enter your location and when they actually make a purchase. Increase the likelihood of a transaction by enticing them with a special offer or remind them of your flexible return policy.

Boost customer loyalty

Tie-in your existing loyalty program with Presence Engage to personalize your interactions. Have your floor staff greet customers by name. Let customers know when their favorite items are on the menu. After their departure, send them incentives to come back soon.

Continue using the tools you know and LOVE

Presence Engage integrates with popular marketing campaign software

See how easy it is to enable automatic in-store customer interactions that lead to in-store sales

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Monetize Your Wi-Fi Further

Combine Presence Engage with Datavalet’s other managed Wi-Fi Solutions to turn your Wi-Fi network into endless opportunities for business growth.


Fast, reliable enterprise-grade guest Wi-Fi systems designed to meet your specific business and IT needs.


Analytics on Wi-Fi use to give you wide-open insights into prospects, customers and employees.


Features that let you turn user data from your guest Wi-Fi into more successful marketing campaigns.


Company-wide Wi-Fi to maximize employee productivity and ensure a consistent user experience.


Prevent Wi-Fi campers from jeopardizing your legitimate users’ Wi-Fi experience, without requiring floor staff to intervene.


Meet your corporate citizenship objectives by requesting and collecting donations whenever Wi-Fi users sign in to your Wi-Fi network.

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  • Greet customers who sign into your Guest Wi-Fi captive portal page for the first time
  • Welcome back returning customers with targeted messages based on their visit preferences and visit frequency
  • Track visits across all locations to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior
  • Boost loyalty by rewarding frequent customers with real-time in-store promotions
  • Notify floor staff when VIP customers enter your location so that they can greet them by name or have their favorite items ready
  • Win back customers by detecting their prolonged absence and sending them incentives to come back
  • Integrate mobile app push notifications to send customers special offers, newsletters or survey requests
  • Connect marketing campaign tools to manage the entire customer engagement journey from a single and integrated interface

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