Virtually all brick & mortar retail chains and restaurants struggle to differentiate their brand, compete against online vendors, and cement customer loyalty.

Traditional solutions to these pains include mass reaching-out campaigns to increase consumer awareness, loyalty programs to better understand customers in order to target them more personally, and, of course, the tried-and-true promotions & coupons.

More recent solutions include the innovative use of the chain’s guest Wi-Fi network to increase the likelihood that walk-in visitors will lead to in-store transactions, and in-store transactions to lucrative loyal customers.

One cost-effective way in which multi-location retailers and restaurant chains can achieve is by equipping their guest Wi-Fi network with a presence detection and engagement tool.

Presence Engage for Boosting In-Store Spending and Customer Loyalty

Datavalet’s Presence Engage solution is a customer engagement platform that uses the retailer’s guest Wi-Fi network to instantly detect the customer’s presence from the moment they come within range of one of the retailer’s Wi-Fi access points. The platform then continuously analyzes the customer’s visit behavior against established presence rules and engagement actions to automatically trigger the appropriate engagement campaign.

Being able automatically engage customers at that critical moment when they are in-store will increase the likelihood of a transaction. Presence Engage also makes it easy to personalize and time engagement actions to maximize their impact.

By making these unique interactions an automatic part of the in-store experience, restaurant and retail chains can significantly improve their in-store customer experience and drive in-store sales all automatically through their Wi-Fi network. No additional staff or effort required.

See How Easy It Is to Boost In-Store Sales and Customer Loyalty With Presence Engage.

Sample Customer Interactions Made Possible With Presence Engage

  1. Greet customers who sign into your Guest Wi-Fi captive portal page for the fi­rst time.
  2. Welcome back customers during subsequent visits with targeted messages based on their visit behavior.
  3. Track visit frequency across all locations to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior.
  4. Boost loyalty by rewarding frequent customers with VIP status and benefits.
  5. Win back customers by detecting their prolonged absence and sending them incentives to come back.
  6. Notify fl­oor staff when VIP customers enter the venue so that they can greet them by name or have their favorite items ready.
  7. Integrate mobile app push notifications to send customers discount coupons, newsletters and survey requests in real time.
  8. Connect marketing campaign tools to manage the entire customer journey from a single and easy-to-use interface.

Presence Engage can be used as an out-of-the-box solution or integrated with existing marketing tools. Learn more about how Presence Engage can fit with your current marketing framework.  

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