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According to Business.com, repeat customers spend on average 67% more than first-time customers. Customer retention is the key to long-term profitability, and strategically implementing guest Wi-Fi throughout your business can set you on the path to an increased bottom line while delighting your customers.

How can you transform your guest Wi-Fi into a future business generator? In this post, we detail three ways you can leverage your Wi-Fi network for the most benefit.

Personal Coupons & Ads

Research by Deloitte found that 80% of customers would prefer email communications to contain discounts and special offers. Personal coupons are a great way to entice customers to shop at your store or dine in your restaurant. When a customer logs on to your guest Wi-Fi, you can send that individual a coupon or discount to celebrate their first time at your establishment. Incentives such as these are key when starting the customer retention journey.

The next step in turning a first-time customer into a repeat customer through your guest Wi-Fi is to send them a follow-up email once they’ve left the store or restaurant. This follow-up email can contain a personalized thank you for their business, as well as a coupon to be redeemed upon the next visit, enticing them to return.

What’s more, with your customer’s email address, you can continue to send them tailored follow-up ads. For example, if they bought shoes at your store, the follow-up ad could recommend a belt or bag as another accessory.

To really take things to the next level, you can harness your business’ guest Wi-Fi to engage in proximity marketing.

Personalized Service

The second way you can leverage your business’ guest Wi-Fi to convert first-time customers into repeat customers is by offering personalized service. When customers log on to your Wi-Fi, they may be prompted to input their name, email address, and perhaps even date of birth or social media profile. With these pieces of data, you can personalize your customer’s journey through your establishment, creating a great experience for them.

For example, a waiter may use the diner’s name, even a first-time diner, and, of course, for repeat diners. In addition, your staff could ask if that person would like their usual order. Once reserved for luxury restaurants and establishments, such personalized service is now available to all business owners who wish to treat their customers like royalty.

Once the customer has left, you can send them an email thanking them for visiting your establishment and asking them to leave a review, or perhaps offer a coupon for their next visit, as we mentioned above.

Guest Wi-Fi offers the opportunity to personalize your customer’s experience every step of the way, and it’s that kind of service that will keep them coming back.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality options are another great way to personalize service and turn a first-time customer into a loyal customer. Your guest Wi-Fi can allow customers to access your store’s app, through which they can try on or test out your products in real time, eliminating the potential for buyer’s regret.

The option of augmented reality creates a frictionless shopping experience, which is sure to delight your customers and keep you top of mind.


Providing guest Wi-Fi is a powerful and effective way of generating future business and turning first-time customers into loyal repeat customers. Personal ads and coupons, personalized service, and augmented reality capabilities all serve to create a frictionless, high-quality experience that your customers will be sure to appreciate.

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