SD-WAN Made Easy

Boost distributed network connectivity and lower bandwidth costs –
without having to design and manage the SD-WAN in-house

Boost distributed network connectivity and lower bandwidth costs –
without having to design and manage the SD-WAN in-house

What is SD-WAN?

A software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that uses software to control the connectivity, management and services between data centers and remote branch offices or cloud instances.

Benefits of SD-WAN

As users increasingly access business apps in the cloud, legacy networks introduce latency, congestion, jitter, packet loss, and outages that impair application performance. SD-WAN technology solves these branch-to-cloud connectivity and traffic prioritization issues, all while lowering bandwidth costs and ensuring data security.

Barriers to SD-WAN

Successful SD-WAN deployment requires specialized expertise few IT teams possess. The network must be properly designed & maintained to deliver the intelligence, reliability, performance and scale needed to ensure a user experience with a high quality of service. The risks of SD-WAN deployment include: • Unpredictable costs • Lack of infrastructure & internal knowledge/skills • Lack of time/resources to manage configuration & remote repair.

Outsourcing SD-WAN

Offloading SD-WAN deployment and day-to-day network infrastructure management to an experienced SD-WAN managed services provider enables organizations to bypass internal technological barriers to quickly deploy an SD-WAN solution with the network optimization they need. It also frees their IT teams to keep their focus on value-building and core activities.

SD-WAN Architecture by Datavalet Technologies

Use cases for SD-WAN

SD-WAN is a proven networking solution for multi-location businesses such as retailers, financial services and restaurant chains that need to keep their branch offices and critical applications such as VoIP, video collaboration and virtual desktop interfaces connected with a high quality of service, but whose legacy networks are blocking their digital transformation.

How enterprise-grade SD-WAN can support your business goals

Accelerates your digital transformation

Allows data and workloads to move seamlessly from data centers to branches to the public cloud.

Optimizes enterprise and branch networking

Enables remote staff at branch and retail locations to run applications with superior data security and quality of service.

Improves data security

Edge devices at branches securely connects users regardless of location to the nearest network point of presence where security and networking functions are executed.

Simplifies network management

Minimizes IT sprawl at each branch to simplify network visibility and reduce the risk of breaches.

Controls networking costs

Replaces MPLS and their steep bandwidth costs with simple, secure and scalable SD-WAN technology.

Legacy network blocking your digital transformation?

Our turnkey SD-WAN Services let you bypass these barriers.

Fully tailored SD-WAN solution

Speed up your migration to multi-cloud SD-WAN with a fully turnkey solution that includes: • Full needs and sites assessment, including traffic flows and service level expectations • Network designed according to your location environments and needs to optimize connectivity, communication, operations and management • Proof of concept and on-site delivery and activation

Minimal network changes

Benefit from an SD-WAN overlay that complements your current topology; keep your existing firewall/gateway and ISP connection(s) or opt for a Datavalet-sourced ISP connection • Let us manage the entire overlay or manage your SD-WAN orchestrator with Read/Write access

End-to-end management

Offload non-core responsibilities and let your IT team stay focused on value-added activities: • Proactive 24/7/365 network monitoring by dedicated service desk • Full incident management, including engaging with ISP or other service providers as needed • Full change management • Full firmware management

Ongoing network optimization

Optimize your SD-WAN over time according to best practices, while retaining full network visibility: • Implement changes across hundreds/thousands of devices at once • Deploy new policies to one or to all devices as needed • Lifecycle service optimization • Internet circuit optimization • Monthly operational reviews • Live review and audits.

Predictable & transparent costs

Leverage our SD-WAN overlay and network expertise to get an enterprise SD-WAN up and running quickly with predictable and transparent pricing.

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  • Be more responsive to evolving business goals; easily implement network-wide changes across dozens or even hundreds of devices at once with an SD-WAN deployment
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