Our Vision on Eco-Responsibility

Become a benchmark for our social and environmental leadership in the North American Tech ecosystem.

First, we want to lead by example by reducing Datavalet’s environmental footprint as much as possible, aiming for zero GHG emissions. We are continuously adopting best practices in terms of travel, energy consumption, responsible procurement, and waste management. We actively encourage and support our employees to engage with causes close to their hearts to have a positive social impact on our community.

Also, by inspiring our customers and suppliers to improve their own environmental footprint. We provide Wi-Fi services and solutions to enable efficient and sustainable remote work.

Finally, by exploring new business models related to our business, offering our customers and partners a value proposition that is attractive and allows to solve social and environmental issues in which we have a role to play.

Our Mission

We leapfrog expectations and unlock business value by ensuring seamless interaction between people, businesses, and networks.

Our Commitment

We are aware of our impact on the life cycle of our activities and wish to pursue a process of continuous improvement of our social and environmental performance while aiming for the sustainability and profitability of the company.

To do this, we are committed to implementing initiatives to:

  • Improve and measure our environmental footprint over the entire life cycle of our activities
  • Improve the social and environmental benefits of our activities.
  • Encourage the participation of all our employees.
  • Cooperate with our internal and external stakeholders.

We are also committed to maintaining an Eco-Responsible Committee and allocating the necessary resources to achieve the objectives of the Eco-Responsible Strategic Plan. Management will evaluate the evolution of the Eco-Responsible Strategic Plan at least once a year, make the necessary adjustments to facilitate its implementation and ensure the link with its business strategy.

Our Values

We carry the values that allow us to create long-term relationships with our strategic partners, employees, customers, and key suppliers:

  • Diversity: We take pride in having a diverse team with varied backgrounds and skill sets.
  • Corporate Courage: We embrace heroes who go outside their sandbox and put our customers We step into the impossible, solve complex problems and get things done for the customer.
  • Winning (Growth Mindset): We bring energy, agility and dynamism to drive healthy growth.
  • One team: We lean inward and work together to solve tough We lean forward to grow professionally and build team engagement.
  • Continuous improvement: Externally we have no choice but to stay current and innovate in a fast-paced hi-tech industry. Internally we pursue efficiency, reliability and discipline needed to scale effectively.

Our Strategic Orientations

Our actions will be inspired by the following strategic orientations that will guide us towards the implementation of our Eco- Responsible Vision.

Strategic Orientation 1:
Anchor our commitment to sustainable development at all levels of the Datavalet organization.

Strategic Orientation 2: 
Lead by example through our internal practices, which will showcase our commitment to eco-responsibility.

Strategic Orientation 3:
Transforming our service offering to generate positive impacts on society.

Scope and Responsibility

This charter applies to all employees and subcontractors of the company. Datavalet also encourages its suppliers, customers, and strategic partners to adopt eco-responsible practices that integrate the principles of sustainable development.

Authority and Entry Into Force

The adoption of this charter has been in force since January 1st, 2022.

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