Datavalet is proud to announce the addition of Fair-Use Management to its suite of Guest Wi-Fi session control functionality.

Montreal, Canada, May 16th, 2019 – Datavalet has launched a new feature to ensure that end users utilize guest Wi-Fi services appropriately. This feature provides a simple way for Datavalet’s clients to automatically detect abusers of the service and accommodates several measures that help manage these users.

A common challenge that businesses such as restaurants and coffee shops come across is finding the right balance between providing a great Wi-Fi experience to customers while deterring loiterers. One way to control usage is to set limits on how long people can stay connected and how much bandwidth they are allowed, but the difficulty with this approach is that it invariably diminishes the quality of the service for everyone.

Datavalet’s Fair-Use Management is a smart Wi-Fi session-control mechanism that eliminates the need to strike a balance between good and bad users of the service. Instead, this functionality relies on its advanced analytics engine to differentiate freeloaders from normal users.

“Fair-Use Management is Datavalet’s answer to clients who demand a complete yet simple solution to the problem of managing abusers of their Guest Wi-Fi service”, said Eric Gervais, Datavalet’s Vice President of Product Management. “With no other comparable products on the market, Datavalet’s Fair-Use Management is another illustration of our company’s perpetual desire to find innovative solutions for our customers.”

This new feature gives businesses a way to manage undesirable users automatically and individually, enabling appropriate users to enjoy an unparallel Wi-Fi experience. Unfair Wi-Fi usage can be customized by the client in terms of definition and user treatment, which includes warning messages, usage reports, and either temporary or permanent disconnection.

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