Consumers support socially conscious businesses. In fact, recent studies report that 70% of millennials are willing to spend more on brands that support the causes that matter to them. When you consider that millennials represent $2.45 trillion in spending power, it becomes quite clear that fundraising is not merely a nice to have, but an absolute necessity for brands and businesses alike.

Multiply Your Social Causes 

While sponsoring a charity is a great way to do some good while getting your name out in the community, supporting multiple causes and charities will also multiply your visibility, increase your networking opportunities and generate a lot of positivity around your brand. Simply put, multiplying the number of causes you support multiplies the impact on your business. 

Of course, fundraising requires a lot of work, planning and effort to be successful. This is where Donation Management comes in.

Donation Management Basics 

Whether you’re donating to a variety of causes or just starting out, it’s critical to track all your company’s transactions. A great way to keep your donation information current, is donation management software. Good donation management software will track donors’ detailed contact information (name, email, telephone), tasks, deadlines, gift sizes, among many other metrics. Even more importantly, effective donation management software will take over all of the promotion and canvassing typically associated with fundraising initiatives and can go a long way to growing your business.

Donation Management Made Easy 

As mentioned above, donation management software takes over all the grunt work associated with fundraising, as well as handles the planning and solicitation that these initiatives usually entail, saving businesses considerable manpower, maximizing donations, yet streamlining costs. Of course not all donation management software is created equal. That’s why it’s important to select the right software that will enable your business to further its social causes and fundraising activities, while maximizing your social visibility and enhancing your reputation among consumers.

Modern donation management services such as the one recently introduced by Datavalet, have simplified the fundraising process further by allowing Wi-Fi users to easily and quickly donate to a cause of their choosing when connected to a client’s wireless network.  Let’s explore. 

Donation Management Made Simple

Datavalet, a leading Managed Wi-Fi Solutions provider for global brands, recently launched a new feature enabling its clients to receive donations via their existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. This feature provides a simple way for clients to further fundraising activities and allows Wi-Fi users to easily donate to a specific cause when connected to the client’s wireless network – easy as that!

Datavalet Donation Management Basics

When connecting to a businesses’ Wi-Fi, users are greeted with a message promoting a selection of fundraising initiatives or causes that they can choose to donate to, in exchange for access to free Wi-Fi. 

The Datavalet donation functionality – a new feature of their managed Wi-Fi solutions offering, ensures that all funds collected are transferred to the selected foundation without any additional assistance from the client’s IT or fundraising staff. Users can select from prepopulated amounts or opt for a custom donation amount. In addition to this new capability, Datavalet also oversees the campaign and captive portal set up, manages and tracks all payments, and provides insightful analytics about donation campaigns for more intelligent and effective fundraising.

Fundraising is not only good for society, it’s also great for business. The beauty of Datavalet’s Donation Management functionality is how simple it makes fundraising for your business: you simply set-it up and forget about it! The fundraising is taken care of with little effort required by your team, so you can support your chosen cause(s), raise funds, gain visibility, grow notoriety, enhance customer loyalty – all the while still focussing 100% on the core of your business.  

Finally- Donation Management made simple!

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