With the advent of digital, retailers are now faced with additional competition from online stores; as such, the need for digitalization has become a true necessity in order to survive in the new marketplace.

Global brands like McDonald’s and Starbucks know first-hand the effects of the digital trend on their core business. So, it should come as no surprise that these larger-scale brands have a solid understanding of the upside of having a well-rounded digital integration plan. However, what about smaller brands that lack the necessary resources and talent to adapt to the change?

Nowadays, Wi-Fi is the go-to leverage technology retailers are increasingly turning to, to cope with shopper mobility and connectivity. Some of the primary concerns that most retailers express are:

  • How do we provide a cost-effective, secure and reliable Wi-Fi connection for shoppers?
  • How do we manage multiple access points in each location without adding to our store manager’s workload?
  • What marketing-related action items can we deliver with Wi-Fi?
  • Do we need to put in place a centralized or decentralized IT management team to manage our multiple Wi-Fi locations?
  • Should we outsource our Wi-Fi to a specialized MSP?
  • What are the costs?

These are the most frequent questions we hear from our customers when they first come to us. All very specific needs and very real concerns. Fortunately, Datavalet has the answer.

Here are the top reasons Global retail Brands choose Datavalet’s Managed Wifi solution time and time again:

1. Designing and deploying a Wi-Fi solution and infrastructure that work for long term

No two businesses are alike – each has different goals and a different environment. That is why every Wi-Fi solution we develop is tailored to each customer’s needs, to their sector and to their specific business goals. We understand that as our customers grow, their Wi-Fi and infrastructure should remain flexible and scalable in order to best support their evolution.

Designing a Wi-Fi network that delivers performance is great. Designing a Wi-Fi business strategy that works long term is best.

One of the biggest challenges retail businesses face when it comes to Wi-Fi deployment is defining the right infrastructure and understanding all the business implications of deploying and then managing a Wi-Fi network.

Our team takes charge of your Wi-Fi deployment project from A to Z, supporting you with the mapping of your business needs and requirements, analyzing the physical challenges in each location and providing expert advice to help you figure out exactly what you need and what you should expect from your project.

Since 1998, Datavalet has deployed thousands of Wi-Fi networks for the biggest global retail brands. You name it, we’ve seen it! Our customers trust us when it comes to designing and deploying Wi-Fi solutions for their retail stores. We understand the challenges that retailers face, from the digital wave and technology integration, to the IT staff shortage.

Bottom line: They tell us what they need. We develop a solution. And… they love it!

2. Custom Wi-Fi Marketing Development and Integration

Nowadays, Wi-Fi is a commodity that most coffee shops, restaurants and retail stores offer to their visitors to help enhance the customer experience on-site. In turn, Wi-Fi marketing is the process of collecting data from users, integrating it into the company database/CRM/Marketing Automation Platform and then using the data to support targeted communications to specific users. For those who understand the value of a data-driven marketing strategy, Wi-Fi provides a treasure trove of valuable information, and a powerful new revenue channel to exploit for ads, promotions and brand recognition activities.

Since every business is different, our team designs and develops custom Wi-Fi marketing applications and tools that meet specific marketing goals.

We can proudly say that we provide a world-class understanding and expert advice to marketers around the world, helping them enhance the in-store experience and boost sales through custom Wi-Fi marketing integration.

Bottom line: Our Wi-Fi analytics suite and custom integration offer a whole new way of communicating with your customers, without barriers or limitations, from a technology integration perspective.

3. Simplifying Multi-Location Wi-Fi Management

When deploying Wi-Fi for multiple locations, retailers face an extremely difficult choice. Should they hire a team of IT professionals to manage all locations, a dedicated team for each location, or simply let the individual store managers handle Wi-Fi on their own.

Retailers today face big challenges with the advent of digital transformation, so making it easy and seamless to manage is our mission.

Our customers come to us because they know that hiring an IT team to manage their Wi-Fi is not as easy as it may seem. It drains the budget, entails a new department to manage and takes precious time away from the company’s main mission. With that in mind, we provide value by taking charge of all of the backend, freeing up the store managers’ time, limiting the need for an internal IT team, and monitoring and managing all aspects of your Wi-Fi so you don’t have to.

Bottom line: If you’re looking to provide guest wireless access (Wi-Fi) to your customers without having to deal with the extra workload or headaches, Datavalet can host and manage your equipment, handle upgrades and service outages directly with the internet service providers and act as a white label front desk for your users answering questions and requests.

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