Banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other financial institutions in general have been leaders in embracing technology for core and back-office applications but have generally underperformed when it comes to retail banking and customer-facing applications. Things, however, are changing quickly. With the emergence of fintech, the massive adoption of smartphones, bank and insurance branches and offices are in the process of being transformed to meet the needs of today’s connected clients, prospects and employees. The savviest banks are improving the omni-channel financial services experience by balancing investments in modern physical footprint and digital capabilities, while ensuring the end-to-end system remains secure and private.

Today, banks and other financial institutions are starting to embrace the use of Wi-Fi both to engage with their prospects and customers as well as to help empower their staff and enable the digital branch. Note that in this blog, we use the terms banks and financial institutions interchangeably.

Specificities of the Financial Sector

Due to the sensitive nature of their business, financial institutions tend to be more conservative and cautious when introducing technologies into their environment and Wi-Fi is no exception. The specificities of the financial sector include:

Towards the Digital Branch

While there are many technologies involved in the digitalization of a branch, Wi-Fi plays a key enablement role as a backbone of digital technologies, and provides a series of benefits for visitors, clients and employees.

Benefits of Guest Wi-Fi for Clients, Visitors and Guests

Benefits of a Managed Private Wi-Fi for Both Bank Employees and Management


As financial services providers reinvent their branches, modernize their office environments, and strive to deliver an omni-channel client experience, a reliable, protected, and high-performance Wi-Fi solution is essential to seamlessly and securely connect customers, prospects, employees, sensors and IoT devices.

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