Wi-Fi Analytics

Monetize your investment into branch Wi-Fi by making use of the generated analytics data.


User Sessions Per Year


Customer Locations


Network Nodes

With Datavalet’s Managed Wi-Fi and Branch Network Solutions you can:

  • Drive customer engagement and loyalty
  • Enhance customer insights
  • Improve customer experience and sales’ numbers
  • Enable cost control and predictability
  • Focus more on your core business

Datavalet’s Wi-Fi Analytics engine uses an interactive and intuitive user interface for maximum productivity and reporting. This way clients have a direct and comprehensive access to insights about the visitors in each of their establishments and about their multisite Wi-Fi network.

The Possibilities are Endless with Datavalet’s Wi-Fi Analytics:


Access your visitor and network data from a centralized web reporting dashboard

Drilldown View

Analyze the performance of your network from a nationwide perspective down to each of your establishment

Client Profile

Leverage rich Wi-Fi analytics to build a comprehensive client profiles and better grasp your clients’ behaviors

Personalized Communications

Use the analytics in parallel with our Wi-Fi marketing suite to personalize marketing communications

In and Around Traffic

Visualize walk-byes and walks-ins each day of the week

On-site Traffic Flows

Picture footfall, dwell time, traffic patterns, where do customer spend time in your venues and what are the most common flows

Types of Visitors

Record new and returning visitors in your venue and address them accordingly

On-site Staff Optimization

Manage your on-site staff by analyzing number of simultaneous visitors, quiet and busy days and times, and traffic patterns

Over time, data from Datavalet Wi-Fi Analytics aggregate into sessions, which together form a client profile. This profile and observed behavior tell the story about the mobility patterns of which you can deduct the client types and take appropriate engagement and retention actions.

Leverage Your Wi-Fi Network Data to Boost Your Business

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