Trillium Health Partners – Wireless Health Care Environments

Trillium Health Partners – Wireless Health Care Environments

The ask

This leading hospital with three campuses came to us to assess their needs and supply wireless connectivity that would work for health care providers, other staff, patients and their visitors at all three locations.

Health care environments are especially complex, both because of the needs of the various users and an array of security and logistical issues.

The answer

We proposed a solution that would provide Access Management and Infrastructure Management for all three campuses.

Our response took into account the importance of creating distinct zones within each campus for different categories of user. These included:

  • Wi-Fi access to patients and visitors in rooms and common areas with the possibility of revenue producing enhanced options
  • Health care provider access (including visiting physicians) throughout the campus
  • Customized portals that allow for pushing important clinical, public health or administrative information
  • Robust security and traceability
  • End to end management and support with 24/7/365 Help Desk support, off-loading those concerns from overburdened hospital administration

The result

While leveraging its existing infrastructure to generate revenue, the hospital is able to cover some of the costs associated with regular internal operational use. Patients and their visitors, doctors and other health care providers as well as general staff appreciate the flexibility and responsive of wireless communications they now have available to them throughout the Trillium Health Partners centres.