Cascades Inc. - Wireless connectivity in transit

Cascades Inc. - Wireless connectivity in transit

The ask

Cascades Inc. is one of Canada’s giants in the field of paper manufacturing and research in refined papers. It also has offices and installations that are best accessed by road and so runs its own bus service.

What to do with the downtime of staff in transit? When work is so dependent on wireless connectivity, Cascades wanted to provide reliable and secure Wi-Fi access on its buses at an affordable price.

The answer

Our ruggedized Mobile DAC Gateway. It ensures secure Wi-Fi access across different cellular carrier connectivity while managing bandwidth and data consumption.

We equipped the Cascade bus fleet with

  • Rugged devices that withstand vibrations and wide temperature fluctuation
  • Customized captive portal with
    • Bandwidth management
    • Content filtering
    • Controls on passenger connectivity to manage use and avoid overage consumption
  • 24/7/365 Help Desk support

The result

As company staff and business guests travel between locations they can continue to work efficiently over our secure and reliable service.